The Cap'n Is In

Coming in hot, and rounding out our Nostalgic Cereal Collection of Beard Oil Blends, is The Cap'n! This fruity blend is reminiscent of a fresh bowl of Cap'n Crunch w/ Crunchberries. We wanted to introduce a trio of cereal scented beard oils, after the success that we've had with our Fruit Loops beard oil (It's literally #2 on our best sellers list, how crazy is that?!), and after releasing Coco Puffs with Nich Ramsey last month, we thought a Captain Crunch beard oil blend would be the perfect cherry on top of this collection.

The Cap'n | Captain Crunch Beard Oil | Anointed AK

We've been asked if we were planning on releasing them as a bundle, and we've answered

with a resounding "YES!" You can save a few bucks, and order all three of them at the same time, and receive a gift bag, a couple decals, and other fun beard swag. We've been beyond blessed by all the support that we've received, and especially enjoy that we can create out of the box beard oil scents that offer you a unique beard grooming experience.

As always, everything is handcrafted in small batches, right here in Eagle River, Alaska. If you've tried any of our 3 Cereal Collection Blends, feel free to leave us a review HERE! We always love receiving feedback on our products, as it helps us gauge what our customers want/need out of a quality beard care product.

Thank you for another great release! We're working on a lot of great products in the coming months, as well as an incentive & ambassador program that allows ANYONE can be a proud ambassador of Anointed AK. Details on all that, and more, coming your way soon.

In the mean time, stay blessed, and keep your #BeardGameStrong


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