Butter like no other...

To be honest, I have never been a butter fan. I have a beard that needs to be controlled, and therefore I prefer something that gives me a ton of hold and taming power. That said, I was reluctant to spring for the AnointedAK beard butter.

However, after seeing the scent profiles and the packaging of the product, I knew I had to try some of them out, so I went with tranquil and class act... which I have been using basically all summer.

I never thought a product might be able to compete with the AnointedAK beard rescue- that stuff is my JAM, I wear it almost every night, and I have almost every scent profile. But I gotta say, after wearing the "Better Butter" for a few weeks, I have reserved the rescue for almost exclusive night time use, and wear butter 2-4 times a week.

shout out to @neochibi on instagram for sharing this picture!

What surprised me about the AK butter was the moisturizing property and the hold of this product. The butter moisturizes my skin under my beard more than any product I have ever used. My advice would be to start off using a small amount of product; because of its crazy ability to moisturize your skin, it also tends to become greasy if you use too much. Use a small amount, comb it through, and then apply more if needed.

But the hold also surprised me too. I must admit that I am not big on the grooming process- I prefer a more natural style and I never use any kind of heat, opting instead for regular trims to maintain my beard shape. What I realized about the butter (and likely the reason why I love the rescue so much as well) is that it has the crazy ability to create a natural beard style and to keep it from looking unkempt throughout the day. If you are looking for a more natural, low maintenance beard routine that still looks put together, then the AnointedAK beard butter is your product.

And finally, the last thing that I noticed about the butter was the scent duration and strength: this stuff is strong! The beard butter, in my experience, lasts even longer than the smell of the anointed oils, which is a very welcome perk of this product, as both the scents that I have used are very unoffensive and smooth.

The tranquil has surprisingly been my favorite scent of the two (even though I am a sucker for amber, which the class act delivers in spades). The tranquil might not be for everyone- to me it truly smells like the outdoors. The scent profile has bamboo in it, and it honestly reminds me of the smell of a hike by the creek and up the mountains, a run through the forest, or a summer day and fresh cut grass. I love this scent because it makes me think of the outdoors, and all the activities I like to do in my free time.

But the class act delivers too. It is one of the strongest amber scents that I have smelled to date, and that amber really shines through in purity. To me, it can be used almost as a cologne- it is powdery, smooth, and fragrant.

If I were ya'll, I'd pick up a tin of the beard butter while you pick up a two pack sampler this weekend. The samplers are sure to sell quick, and gives you the opportunity to try two different AK scents for the price of one. I know I'll be picking up the "slumberpack" and the morning glory or high tide beard butter to go with it.

Cheers, Sam


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