The High Roller | Best Beard Balm of 2019

I know what you're thinking; It's barely March, how can you make such bold claims about finding the best beard balm of 2019!? Over the last year, we've released our fair share of killer low hold, high moisturizing beard balm. As we drew closer to our 1 year anniversary, we wanted to create a product that oozed class. The High Roller is that product.

After spending over 4 months (and about 50 oz. of oils worth of failed attempts) fine tuning the recipe, the High Roller has finally joined the ranks of our beard care lineup. After only a single week of it's release, we're thrilled to say that it's most definitely our new best seller.

So, what's the hype, what makes the High Roller so special? Like the majority of our balms, it's handcrafted using only the finest of organic carrier oils (Jojoba, Argan, Sweet Almond & Vitamin E to be exact), balanced with high grade refined white Shea Butter to offer your beard (as well as the skin beneath) the hydration it needs to maintain a high level of moisturizing properties to ensure the softest, healthiest beard yet, while also promoting growth!

What makes the High Roller special, is the scent profile that accompanies it. It features a smooth and seductive sandalwood base, perfectly layered with powdery notes of amber throughout, and finished with a dash of musky top notes. The end result is a scent unlike any other on the market. Sophisticated and smooth, classy and long lasting, we're marking The High Roller as the best beard balm of 2019, because we're guessing it'll be very hard to top.

The High Roller is available in a 2 oz. tin for $22, and offers a low hold, with highly moisturizing properties. You can also find it in a 1 oz. Bottle of Beard Oil for a more cost effective $18.

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